It’s Halloween again and that means there’s lots of frightfully fun recipes to be made!

Here are 10 fun vegan Halloween recipes to help inspire you during this spooky season. Whether you’re planning a party this weekend or just want to add a little fun to your family’s dinner, these recipes are guaranteed to put everyone in the Halloween spirit! As long as the blood isn’t real, it’s all good! You don’t need cruelty on your plate to put on a good Halloween horror show.

10 Creepy-Tasty Halloween Vegan Recipes That Are Too Much Fun Not To Try

vegan halloween recipes

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Black Widow Cupcakes

Wipe the cobwebs off your Halloween spirit and take some time to appreciate arachnids by making some spider cupcakes. Now that’s livin’ in harmony! Using black licorice for “legs” will literally spice things up and give this cupcake that eerie touch.

Recipe here.

Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats

10 Creepy-Tasty Halloween Vegan Recipes That Are Too Fun Not To Try

You don’t have to be Mary Shelley to create this masterpiece—some vegan marshmallows will do the trick!

Stuffed ‘Eyeballs’

10 Creepy-Tasty Halloween Vegan Recipes That Are Too Fun Not To Try

These are the creepiest hors d’œuvres ever! The blood on these plates isn’t real, but the thought of gobbling down an eyeball can still frighten anyone. Yes, even flesh-eaters.

Learn how to do them here.

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Creepy-Crawly Arachnophobia Cookies

10 Creepy-Tasty Halloween Vegan Recipes That Are Too Fun Not To Try

Beware: The longer you look at the faces, the scarier these cookies get.

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