When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, we know what’s really important. Sure, everyone looks forward to the main course and the spread of side dishes. Yeah, there’s the pumpkin pie and other indulgent desserts. But we know which dish everyone really looks forward to most: the stuffing. Maybe it’s because, for some reason, many of us don’t make stuffing all year long so when Thanksgiving rolls around, we are seriously looking forward to a big plate full of it.

There are so many ways to make stuffing. Some people like it with cornbread while others swear by sourdough or challah. Some families make stuffing with rice. Other families don’t even call it “stuffing,” but “dressing.” Whatever your family tradition is, we’re sure that you’ll love these recipes

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1. Sourdough Bread Stuffing

vegan holiday stuffing recipes


This Sourdough Bread Stuffing recipe has very classic flavors and the sourdough bread gives it a little twist. The mushrooms and celery provide that classic texture we all love, and the rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley will make you feel at home!

2. Sage, Onion, and Apricot Stuffing

vegan holiday stuffing recipes

No holiday meal is complete without some delicious stuffing and this Sage, Onion, and Apricot Stuffing  will have everyone asking for seconds. This unique take on the festive dish is made with onions, dried apricots, applesauce, and plenty of sage. The result is a stuffing that is the perfect balance of savory and sweet. Serve this with your holiday dinner and we guarantee your guests will be wowed!

3. Couscous and Chestnut Stuffing

vegan holiday stuffing recipes

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire … More like, roast them in the oven and add them to this awesome Couscous and Chestnut Stuffing. Change up your usual stuffing with this mix of couscous, chestnuts, and creamy pumpkin. This stuffing is light but filled with bright and delicious seasonal flavors.

4. Wild Rice, Cranberry, and Pine Nut Stuffing

vegan holiday stuffing recipes


This Wild Rice, Cranberry, and Pine Nut Stuffing recipe is so good, even people who think they don’t like stuffing will devour it. It has a combination of bread and wild rice plus earthy mushrooms, tangy cranberries, and salty pine nuts. There’s also a gluten-free option, if you need one.

5. Cornbread Stuffing with Bell Pepper

vegan holiday stuffing recipes

Vaishali Honawar‘s Cornbread Stuffing With Bell Peppers adds color and deliciousness to your holiday table. It has red, green, and yellow peppers and the flavor of perennial herbs like fresh rosemary and sage woven all through it. This stuffing will look beautiful and impress all your guests.

6. Wild Rice Stuffing

vegan holiday stuffing recipes

For more recipes and inspiration to keep your family super happy and healthy over the holiday season (and all year round), check out the Family Comes First Vegan Recipe Bundle.

If you’re a fan of wild rice stuffing, this gluten-free Wild Rice Stuffing will become your new holiday tradition. It’s made in a crock pot so you can spend your time making other dishes. The wild rice is chewy and satisfying, and the mushrooms make this a savory stuffing you’ll give thanks for.

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