About Us 

We are The Shining Life Foundation - an international team of animal advocates, set to change history and make a HUGE difference for animals in a place, where few voices for them exist. (Also See FAQ)

We have created this platform to raise awareness and gain supporters for our Animal Activism And Educational Projects, and we are set to achieve one main goal – save millions of animals every year through educational campaigns in the form of lectures, workshops, informational packs, and free vegan food tastings! This a one-of-a-kind approach for this region and will have a massive, direct impact for animals.

We have created a carefully staged, well-thought project to start changing hearts in a meat-centric community, while at the same time consistently eradicating hundred-year-old traditions of cruel practices, which will not simply be saving animals’ lives, but drastically changing the way new generations are being raised!

What you need to know about our project 

Supporting us means taking part in something truly significant! We are a legitimate non-profit, operating in Bulgaria, seeking volunteers and funds to expand our influence.

Even a small amount can make a BIG difference and literally help us start saving millions, because our initiatives are one-of-their-kind in this region!

You can support us in a few ways:

Because, as vegans, and animal advocates – there is so much more we can do every day!

Let’s go beyond!

Our Team