What is it to most love about a café or a restaurant?

The food, the atmosphere, the attitude, and that extra something that makes you want to come back for more!

Well, the Super Natural Café in Newcastle City Centre seems to have it all!

Not only is their friendly approach one to attract you like a magnet, but they have taken a step away from the usual ‘rip-off’ feeling you get in some places like that (because, you know, vegan substitutes ought to cost a lot).

Any soft drink + any duo of vegan ice cream come at only £5,

And they say it’s for kids, but I don’t believe any adult would say ‘no’ to that!


Their 2-course evening menu starts at £11.95, and looking at the succulent vegan creations by their lovely chef Alex, it’s almost hard to believe it’s for real!

I always say that who’s cooked your food matters as much as the quality and type of ingredients put into it, and Alex does look like someone I would love to be fed by!

Alex Strettle, Super Natural’s young chef seems to be one of their greatest assests!

Passionate and warm-hearted, Alex is a superb professional, who has just returned from Italy, where he’s honed his cooking skills over a couple of years.

Most amazing of all, Alex has been vegan since birth!

super natural feature 2

Now, how often do you see that? I’m now daydreaming he was my personal home chef (dreamy face!!!). Lucky for people in Newcastle, his food creations are as easily accessible as they can be!

Not only has he a wealth of knowledge and experience, but his food is fresh, creative, and quite simply – Quality! Everything is made from scratch, no processed foods.

Now back to the UK, Alex had been looking for opportunities, so he called into Super Natural, where he found the perfect place to unfold his true potential, and simply ‘shine’!

After several discussions and having witnessed, first hand his culinary skills, the owners have decided to fully back Alex in his quest for opening his first restaurant!

He has trialed his first ‘pop-up’ restaurant at Super Natural on Saturday 15th, and 22nd of July, where he presented a varied menu with a strong Italian influence (future menus may have strong Mexican links).

Every item on his menus was, as always, simple, fresh, quality, and vegan!


And the reviews were more than flattering!

An Amazing Italian Evening!
I recently attended a special Italian Evening offered by the Supernatural to give opportunities to a young vegan chef who has worked in Italy for the last two years. The food was artistic and delicious; the surroundings were, as always, a delight; the waitresses were attentive & charming. I loved it all.
The next one is Saturday, 22nd July. Book up quickly!

Now this is the type of vegan team we would love to support!

Make sure you ‘Like’ their FB page, so you don’t miss future events and promotions!

Please spread the news about this amazing place and Alex, the fantastic vegan chef, who promotes quality, affordable vegan food. It doesn’t matter where you live – the world is such a small place nowadays!

Alex will also be available to host private dining parties for 10 or more people and private functions.

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