In California, it’s illegal to relocate trapped wild animals. Unfortunately, by law trappers have to kill the animals they catch in box traps. Yet, a resort in an affluent area of Los Angeles was caught mass trapping and relocating local wild animals. To make matters worse, it’s an “Eco-resort” called Terranea Resort and Spa, which claims to have the “utmost reverence for its native environment.” The resort even won awards for their sustainable and environmental practices all while secretly trapping wild animals.

They are “responsible for the mass killing and/or unlawful relocation of 70 raccoons, including babies, 25 opossums, several squirrels, and skunks over a three-year period.”

According to In Defense of Animals (IDA), “studies show that between 75-90 percent of relocated animals suffer when dumped in unfamiliar and confusing terrain. Confronted with established predators and other dangerous survival conditions, they often die.”

President of IDA, Marilyn Kroplic, M.D. says: “We were shocked to see trapping records revealing Terranea Resort and Spa’s attack on local animals. Companies that flout California’s laws and values by refusing to coexist with animals must be held accountable. We call on Terranea to truly honor the protected habitat and animals who live there by immediately ceasing all trapping operations and protecting wild animals in the future.”

IDA is urging the resort’s corporate partners to take action and cut ties with the resort. They’re also asking SoCal Environmental Excellence Development (SEED) and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International to strip Terranea of the awards they’ve won. What they did isn’t just cruel to animals, but it’s illegal.

Lisa Levinson, a Los Angeles resident and Wild Animals Campaigner for In Defense of Animals says: “Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters have called on Terranea Resort and Spa and its corporate partners to commit to protecting wild animals. We demand that Terranea immediately adopt and publicize a comprehensive humane wildlife management scheme that employs only non-intrusive methods, such as exclusion, habitat modification, and hazing.”

The Wildlife Protection Act passed in California last year was passed to protect animals from exactly this kind of cruelty.

What you can do:

If you’ve stayed at the resort, please contact Levinson at 215-620-2130 or to share your contact information and dates of stay.
Ask Terranea Resort’s corporate partners to divest in this eco-resort that has been killing animals. Find the full list with their contact information on IDA’s website.

Ask Terranea to adopt a humane way of coexisting with wildlife that does not involve trapping or killing. Contact them via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. IDA has written this template comment that you can send them: “Immediately stop trapping and killing wild animals on your property. Please consult with wildlife experts to identify nonlethal methods to reduce human-animal conflict.”

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