Frequently Asked Questions

Shining Life Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ we wish to answer for you, so that you have confidence your money and support goes in good hands.

Are You Legit?
Why support your organization as opposed to local charities?
Is your activism going against religious rituals?
Are you a scam?
Is your site secure?
Fantastic! How do I give you my support?

Are you legit? 

In order for us to operate legally, we are a registered non-profit organization in Bulgaria. We are registered locally, where we operate under the name ‚Сияен Живот‘, as well as with the English name ‘Shining Life Foundation’.  (If you scroll down you can find scans of our documents of establishment with the courthouse decision and legal stamps + signatures).

VeganBeyond the main site for the foundation we have in English, and we still don’t have a web platform in Bulgarian except for a Facebook page, which we are already using to promote our fist activism-related event.

We are just starting out, and we can give you our word that our sincerest desire is to help the animals and start changing minds in this extremely rigid society. All donations go towards this one goal. Rental and food costs here are surprisingly high. We are also registered in the agency, ensuring anti-money-laundering operations, so whatever comes in as donations, we need to report, and then account for every expense, too.

In summary, we are legal and we are doing it for the animals!

Why should I help you instead of local charities?

Just like there are children in Africa that need the generosity of more developed countries, there are animals in Bulgaria that are immensely suffering and that need your caring hearts opening up for them!

We have no local organizations to turn to, and the companies here are so meat-centric they don’t want to back us up. There are very very few other activists here, who are doing short-lived outbursts of protest, but this is just worsening the situation, because the word ‘vegan’ here has become synonymous to ‘vandal’.

We are taking a radically new approach!

We REALLY are aiming to help animals here in a way no one does, and we do need your support.

We believe more developed English-speaking societies will reach out with their compassion to help us make the breakthrough for animals we are looking to do here.

If it’s a religious thing, I don’t want to get involved, why should I?

It is NOT a religious thing! Please, do not confuse that our efforts are targeted at Muslim religious rituals – they are not!

The majority of the population in Bulgaria is Christian, and the traditional slaughters are just that – tradition. They are NOT tied to a religion. They are just a cruel thing people do, and accept as normal. Animals really are killed in the most inhumane way, suffering a lot of stress, fear, and pain before they meet death.

Besides, in contrast to Western countries, meat consumption here is on the rise. There is NONE of the scientific information that English-speaking nations have access to, available here. Communities in Bulgaria do live with outdated beliefs and they are very rigid in their perceptions.

We are ready to fight with education and patience to start changing that.

We are targeting BOTH the lack of education that concerns meat consumption AND the traditional slaughters that are entirely unnecessary, and do not teach the new generations any good!

We understand it’s a long journey, but it’s worth it!

And this is exactly why each and every of your donations means THAT MUCH to us. You can really make a very direct, very real difference in a place that desperately needs change!

These animals do deserve better!

OK Yes, I want to help! But still, how do I know you are not a scam?

1st Please take a look at the documents above.
2nd Please consider that when you make a donation, all funds go towards a Business Paypal Account (as opposed to a personal one), registered towards The Shining Life Foundation. This is enough proof in itself, because Paypal is required by law to verify ALL Non-Profit Paypal accounts, and then report to the authorities in the country, where they are registered. At the same time, we are required to report all our donations AND report all our expenses, associated with our activism to prove that we are operating in accordance with our Founding Act (approved by the court).
3rd We are going to report to all of our donors each and every of our moves through pictures, videos, and wrap-up reports.

We just need to get started. In fact, we already have – we are posting on our Bulgarian FB page, engaging new people, and we have over 60 people, registered for our first event. The venue is not big enough for them, so we need to secure funding for a second event in order to accommodate all, who have registered.

As your support for us grows, so will our activism – and you will see very clear proof of that.

Is you site secure?

Yes, our site is 100% secure with a valid SSL certificate and numerous firewalls that prevent not well intending individuals from getting hold of information that they shouldn’t. Besides, we are collecting all donations through Paypal, which has proven itself as an extremely secure platform for online transactions. So, it’s a double-layer of security you can feel comfortable about.

Fantastic! I do want to be part of all this. What can I do?

There are a few options:

A one-time donation

A monthly contribution that will help us to keep going with initiatives every month

Purchase The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution – this is a win-win for you and the animals, as you will be getting 145 scrumptious balanced recipes and a 10-week nutrition course, all helping you get in your best shape health-wise and body-wise as a vegan! And all the proceedings go towards our activism!

Remember – any support, no matter how small makes a difference!

From our hearts to yours – THANK YOU!