Dairy has been linked, in multiple studies, to several health problems. More recently, it was linked to prostate cancer. Doctors were also recently demanding that the FDA add breast cancer warnings to cheese. There are also so many environmental issues involved with producing cheese, as well ethical concerns over dairy farming. But vegan cheese has come a long way from the days when Daiya was the only brand in stores. There are so many alternatives available these days, and the old classics like Daiya have also only improved. Now there are also options like So Delicious shreds and Miyoko’s cheese wheels and pub cheeses.

And Miyoko’s Creamery has not stopped there. Miyoko Schinner has also created cheddar cheese that has even won over children. Soon, we’ll all be able to taste a vegan grilled cheese Miyoko’s style when it’s not only in stores, but when the food truck hits a spot near you!

The Official Cheese of OMGs food truck is going on a Grilled Cheese Nation Tour. The truck will go from coast to coast giving away free vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. In total they’ll be giving away about 15,000 grilled cheese sandwiches. After kicking off at Expo West in Anaheim, California on March 8th, it’ll stop at the following cities:

Los Angeles, CA
Oakland, CA
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Boise, ID
Denver, CO
Austin, TX
New Orleans, LA
Atlanta, GA
Washington DC
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY
Boston, MA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN

Miyoko Schinner says: “We believe our new cheddar and pepper jack are game-changing and will do for cheese what Beyond and Impossible did for burgers by expanding the audience for vegan cheese to omnivores and flexitarians.” The new pepper jack and cheddar cheese are made of an oat and bean base. They’ll be available in stores starting April 4th along with the new cultured oat-based vegan butter.

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