Clothing line Aerie’s new swim collection is made from recycled plastic! According to its website, the company launched “30+ new swimsuits made with REPREVE® recycled fibers from plastic bottles.” Called “Real Good Swim,” the collection is priced between $19 and $54.

The swim line has a variety of colors and patterns that use recycled materials in its yard. The collection helped remove 1 million bottles from landfills. According to Fast Company, the 10-piece collection uses 82% recycled plastic in the products. Aerie is part of American Eagle Outfitters.

Jen Foyle, Aerie’s global brand president, told Fast Company, ” Our customers are asking for environmentally responsible products, and Aerie‘s goal is to deliver products that feel good to wear and to buy. [This capsule] collection is about more than just creating environmentally responsible products. It’s also about encouraging conversations around protecting our planet and embracing a lifestyle that reduces waste.”

The company is using the swimsuit collection to share more information about its internal sustainability goals. American Eagle hopes to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030, and become carbon neutral by that point. They also pledged to recycled half of the water used in laundry facilities.

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There are products you may be using or habits you may have that contribute to plastic pollution. Learn more about how the use of Teabags, Cotton Swabs, Laundry, Contact Lenses, Glitter and Sheet Maskspollute our oceans so you can make more informed decisions going forward. There are also numerous simple actions and switches that can help cut plastic out of our lives including, making your own cosmetics, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, household cleaners, using mason jars, reusable bags/bottles/straws, and avoiding microbeads!

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