This year Christmas is special! In the face of COVID-19 and stay-at-home living, we are all looking forward to looking forward!

2020 has been a hard year, and I know we are ALL craving the comfort of the holidays. Our family, and I am sure yours, too, want this season to feel more festive than ever before.

We are all looking to kick the holidays up a notch this year and ring in some joy. 

  • Maybe you really want it to be super Christmas-y and kind of over the top this year to get the feeling of Christmas without family?
  • Maybe it’s also very important for you for the kids to feel like they’re not missing out and you’ll be going above and beyond with delicious food, tons of decorations and a tree and activities?
  • Maybe you just want to make sure you can get the ingredients to make amazing food your whole family likes so that Christmas will feel ‘normal.’ ?
  • Maybe you are extra concerned about keeping your whole family healthy this holiday season?
  • Maybe you’re planning even the little in-between holidays as if they’re big ones? Like Friendsgiving, which evokes a feeling of togetherness, community and reminds us that we all have each other. 

I feel you! And we have you covered on ALL THESE. For FREE


This year, our team of experts has come together to bring your something super helpful, intuitive and informative in order to make the holiday planning and preparation process for you easier than ever!

We have put together the most comprehensive EARLY HOLIDAY GUIDE that covers ANY aspect of holiday planning and preparation you can think of! Ensuring a trouble-free, joyful and amazing holiday time for you and your loved ones.

What do we have in store for you?

  1. The Ultimate list of activities you need to start doing NOW to save money, reduce stress, and ensure you have EVERYTHING you need on time: including gifts, groceries, decorations and more.
  2. The Ultimate healthy, delicious plant-based menu with FULL recipes for ALL of the major holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. This includes appetizers, main dishes, desserts, soups, and more!
  3. The ultimate health guide with prevention tips, health foods, and natural immune boosting activities to make sure you and your loved ones stay strong, healthy and happy during the holiday season. Because let’s face it – all your efforts and planning will mean NOTHING if your family isn’t healthy.
  4. Weekly updates with freebies, grocery store promotions, shopping tips, health tips and even MORE amazing, delicious, mouthwatering recipes for beginners and advanced cooks to make it THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE holiday season EVER!

100% of the information provided in the Guide and weekly updates is FREE.

Whether you are

  • The early bird
  • The traditionalist
  • The self-gifter
  • The rookie host
  • The shipping-first shopper
  • The next-level party planner

We got you covered!

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