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Hi there!

We are Ashton Aiden (USA) and Denitsa Zhivkova (Bulgaria), we are long-term friends and partners striving for a more compassionate world!

ashton and denitsa

We are pleading you to please support us and our dedicated team in a long-term project, which is going to literally save the lives of over a million of ritually slaughtered animals in Eastern Europe EVERY SINGLE YEAR. These are animals, who are killed in exceptionally cruel way, and often in front of the eyes of small children.

This is one of the most ‘instant impact’ animal rescue projects you can participate in! Read on to learn why!

We ask you to please understand that you will NOT be supporting a personal dream, but instead, you will be contributing to an important mission – this is a long-term project, carefully staged to be saving the lives of hundreds of innocent lambs, pigs, cows, and chickens every single month!

The sum we will be pledging is the minimum start-up capital we need to create a powerful, influential, Cruelty-Free Educational Center. The nature of activities we plan to carry out there, and our long-term goals make it an absolute requirement for us to own our own space! Our project is  has long-term and short-term goals.

Short-term goals:

  1. Start saving 100-300 animals per month, meant for needless slaughter. These are animals that are specifically killed for ‘special occasions’ like weddings, ‘kurbans’, baby births, baptizing, and many more. They are killed IN ADDITION to regular meat consumption.  This goal will be achieved by organizing daily lectures, seminars, and movie nights, combined with free food offerings in order to get people to come and listen to us. Impact is huge, because families are open to re-consider if someone provokes their thinking! We have already started talking to people, and THEY ARE willing to consider alternatives. We have already prevented some deaths! Impact is immediate, because, for example, when we organize an event specifically for mothers, who are about to baptize their children, we talk to 100 of them and give them alternative ways to ensure the health of their child (rather than sacrificing an animal). So, if 20-50 of them agree to switch the ritual with a cruelty-free one, this means that 40-100 lambs are immediately saved! They will simply not perform the baptizing in the old manner!
  2. Start providing the minimum required information and education on the connection of meat consumption and health through leaflets, pamphlets, and an online platform (currently almost non-existent in Bulgarian).
  3. Provide highly affordable vegan food, closely adapted to local tastes (also very limited).

All of these are currently non-existent, and even 99% of GPs would still recommend meat as part of a patient’s diet.

Long-term goals:

  1. Permanently eradicate the hundreds-of-years old tradition to ritually slaughter animals ‘for good luck’ and ‘health’ on all kinds of occasions – Christian Holidays, childbirths, weddings, business openings, and more. This will be saving between 1.5 and 3 million animals per year!
  2. Enable the funding of other such centers all over the country by gaining hundreds of followers and supporters.
  3. Enable the future funding of a vegan meal delivery service for baby food.
  4. Enable the future funding of the first animal rescue sanctuary in Bulgaria.

We are literally starting from scratch.

Despite a highly educated population and not-too-bad standard of life, in terms of animal treatment and welfare, Bulgaria is very much a barbaric country! We believe that with your support, we will succeed and change this forever!

This is a much needed project within a culture, which is not just meat-centric, but still very ingrained in its traditions to ritually slaughter pigs and lambs, cows, and chickens for various reasons. Our project is not simply aimed to provide affordable vegan food, highly adapted to local tastes – our long-term goal is to eradicate hundred-year-old traditions and save future generations from associating Christian holidays, weddings, childbirths, family gatherings, and many more with the tradition to ritually kill an animal ‘for health’ and ‘good luck’.

If you lived in Bulgaria, you will know that the need for such a center is IMMENSE, and we plead you to please trust us when we say this. Vegan options are limited, and extremely high-priced; knowledge on all areas of the subject is literally non-existent, and traditions are still being passed from parents to children, due to the ignorance 99% of the population lives in. Unlike in developed countries, the consumption of meat here in Bulgaria is constantly rising, because this is considered the cheaper, easier option.

For example, the consumption of pork is rising by about 10% on yearly basis!

What we need the start-up capital for?

Our team is aiming to buy the place, where a huge leather shop was located for many years, right in the center of Varna, the sea capital and important tourist center of Bulgaria. We need the space to build this influential Cruelty-Free Center. The replacement of the leather shop with our center is already a powerful statement enough.

Here is what we will develop in its place:

  1. First, we will use the first floor to build a small, healthy fast food vegan café, restaurant, and catering service, highly affordable and specifically adapted to local tastes. The catering we provide will be the alternative to the ritually slaughtered lamb or pig for people’s special occasion!  In order to convince people to change, we need to hit them in their softest spot – food! Food is more important in Eastern culture than it is in Western countries, and it is at the core of traditions. Our aim is to invite people to listen to us by first offering them a cheap, healthy, cruelty-free version of their favorite local dishes and snacks.
  2. Second, we will combine our food offerings with free educational materials to raise people’s knowledge and awareness on the issue. Each and every drink, snack, and meal is going to come with a thought-provoking slogan on its packing, plus a small informational pack of leaflets and eye-catching materials, which is going to be focused both on the issue of ritually slaughtering lambs and pigs, and the health and environmental aspects of veganism. Here is an example:

Why would killing someone else’s baby would bring health and abundance to yours? (plus powerful image – we also need the money to create these powerful marketing materials)

This particular one is aimed at people, who buy and slaughter a lamb when they baptize their children, or when a child is born. They do it for ‘health and good luck.’ They do this when they open a new shop, start a new business, or literally whenever they feel like they need ‘good luck’.

The biggest issue here is that often this happens in villages, in the family’s country-side house, and sometimes even small children are present when the animal experiences a painful death while the father and grandfather slaughter it. I, myself have vivid memories of such ‘rituals’ and they still cause pain in my heart! This is the worst kind of tradition to be passed onto future generations, and I am confident that with the right tools and approach, it can be eradicated from our culture.

  1. Third, we are going to use the second floor to create a small conference room and educational center, where we will be holding daily seminars and workshops, targeting various groups of society. In a gentle, creative way, we will introduce them to the ethical, health, and environmental aspects of cruelty-free, compassionate living they need to be aware of. We will have doctors, psychologists, and experts of all fields of life as lecturers in order to involve at least 90 percent of the population between the ages of five and 70 years old. Through the cheap healthy fast food, located right in the heart of the city, we will be attracting a huge flow of visitors, which we will then educate and invite to our lectures and workshops. In the long term, this is going to grow our followers and supporters, and help us open more such centers in other places all over the country.

What we plan to do is going to grow into a powerful cruelty-free hub, which will be able to convert people and eradicate a cruel tradition in a gentle, smart, and well-structured way.

  1. Fourth, we will use our conference hall as a dance studio two times per week. I have met my crew of like-minded people from the social dancing scene, and I believe that dance is a powerful weapon in converting people. One of my closest friends is a salsa student of mine, who went veg thanks to the boyfriend she met at the dancing scene. Indeed, there is a huge amount of veg supporters in our dancing community, and this additional flow of people into our cruelty-free center is going to fuel us with more people to educate, influence, and convert!
  2. Fifth, we are going to build a big online platform in Bulgarian, translating a large amount of educational materials, and creating HUGE online and social buzz among the young population. Currently, there is not even ONE big influential web site in Bulgarian, offering up-to-date quality information on cruelty-free living. Currently people are living in complete ignorance on the latest developments in health and climate change that are happening all over the world. The majority of population is highly unaware of the dangers of meat, and the meat industry as a whole. Such a platform needs funding for all the materials that need to be translated from English as well as the social buzz that needs to be created among the generation, who are having children NOW, and would have to choose between old tradition, and raising their children in a healthier, more ethical way, free of the cruel practices most of us have grown up with!
  3. Sixth, we are going to use part of the proceedings from our Cruelty-Free Center to further fund other animal rescue activities, and eventually create the first ever sanctuary in the country. This will allow us to further extend our influence in saving animal lives. Yet, working among society is the initial step we need to take, as currently, very little to nothing is done about that!

The influence of this project will be immense, and indeed, by supporting it you are going to directly contribute to the saving of millions of innocent lives!

If you contribute to our project when we launch, we will be able to launch a campaign before Easter, when it is one of the ‘hottest’ periods for ritually killing thousands of lambs! Pre-Easter and pre-Christmas is the period when thousands of countryside houses are filled with the screams of the poor animals, fighting for their last breath!

This project is carefully thought-out, and adapted to local culture. This is an effective long-term approach to making a real difference, and you can be part of it. Your contribution will not be a drop in the sea! The problem here is so huge, that if we manage to build and develop our cruelty-free center, each and every dollar plays a significant role. Why? Here is an example:

Just one lecture we hold in front of mothers to convince them that killing a lamb will not make their baby healthier, will immediately save twenty to fifty lambs! These mothers may not give up meat immediately, BUT, they will understand killing someone else’s baby will NOT bring luck to theirs. So, 20 to 50 animals are saved right here, right now!

And we will be holding many of these workshops every month!

You can really make a difference even with a small contribution to our project!

You can be a hero for animals, and this is something truly significant you will do for them.

We trust in the goodness of your heart, and thank you immensely for your support!

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