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'Family Comes First' Vegan Promo Pack! 73%OFF

Let me ask you a question... Would you do ANYTHING for the health and happiness of your loved ones? We would too... That's why, this season, we've made it EXTRA EASY and AFFORDABLE for you!


145 Vegan Recipes in The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution, Scientifically Crafted to Boost Immunity, Fight Inflammation, Relieve Allergies,  SKYROKET Energy Levels, and ENSURE OPTIMUM NUTRITION and HEALTH for your WHOLE FAMILY

(healthy vegan desserts included, too)


The 928 Tastiest Vegan Recipes Collection with the finest, tastiest vegan recipes from ALL OVER THE WORLD, featuring UNIQUE CENTERPIECE IDEAS FOR THE HOLIDAYS, along with quick and easy weeknight dinners to ensure you and your loved ones are well nourished even when you are short on time!

(also featuring plenty of delicious vegan dessert ideas)

*All proceedings of this E-book offer go for charity. 


$169 $47

At just $0.04 per carefully crafted recipe, this makes it for a no-brainer investment in your family's HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

This special pack, mindfully designed to save you time, energy, and most importantly - medical costs, certainly doesn't require a second thought! It's just what your family needs this season! 

Need more convincing? Here's further content description of each of the books:

Whether you're a new vegan, long time vegan, or just dabbling in some veggies now and then, this is for you! 


Advanced AND Beginner-Friendly

Nutritionally Balanced

Comes With  A


(valued at $199)

And plenty of healthy vegan dessert ideas, too! 

The easiest and FASTEST way for you to boost your health, gain energy, and lose weight while eating deliciously plant-based!

*All proceedings of this E-book offer go towards the Shining Life  Foundation, fighting to save millions in a place where few voices for animals exist.

 Imagine How Easy It Would Be To Plan Your Meals And Gain Invincible Health When You Have The Knowledge Of +40 Health Experts At Your Fingertips

We've put together the collective knowledge of +40 vegan health and fitness experts + churned through thousands of studies, adapting hundreds of recipes to create the PERFECT solution for ALL your health goals.

 We have FINE TUNED the key elements of a delicious, healthy, and sustainable vegan lifestyle. Now we give you the shortcuts and all the lessons we learned during this time to make things easy for you.

 If You Want To Be Happy, Healthy, Satisfied, And Energetic With Minimal Effort, you are just at the right place.

This Downloadable Recipe Book Includes:

145 easy and totally scrumptious vegan recipes, mostly gluten-free.

A great diversity of 15 to 45min. recipe ideas for beginners, who are wondering where to start from.

Easy, but creative meal ideas for more advanced vegans, who are looking to diversify their menu.

All recipes are designed to help you attain the optimum amount of nutrients your body needs.

Recipes for breakfast, appetizers, staples, soups, salads, burgers, pasta, mains, and desserts!

Menu plan suggestions if you're stuck where to start from.

Tips and tidbits throughout the book to help make cooking a breeze.

Amper-Upper ideas to kick your dish up a notch.


To REALLY make sure you  TRHIVE on your vegan journey, and make this purchase a no-brainer, we are including A MEGA PACK OF BONUSES

Bonus #1: The Ultimatest Vegan Grocery List

With this FREE GIFT we give you the ultimatest vegan grocery shopping list! 

It'll help you to save lots of time and organize your grocery shopping the healthy way!

Bonus #2: Vegan Cooking For Newbies (worth $47)

Both beginner and advanced cooks can learn from this amazing guide that comes FREE with the Complete Vegan Recipe Solution. Includes:

  • Typical ingredients in vegan cooking
  • How to replace eggs and other animal ingredients
  • Hidden ingredients to watch out for
  • Vegan cooking techniques
  • Special Nutritional Consideration
  • 10 more easy and delicious recipes
  • What to do with fruits

And so much more!!!

Bonus #3: Quickest Guide To Vegan Living (worth $17)

A fluff-free guide beginners and advanced can learn something from!

  • What to expect
  • The pros and cons of going vegan cold turkey
  • How to go vegan one meal at a time
  • Are supplements necessary?
  • How to talk about vegan living with your friends
  • How to handle dining out
  • 5 questions to ask yourself

And so much more!!!

Bonus #4: Go Vegan Overnight + 12 MEGA CREAMY Recipes to NEVER Miss Cheese Again (Worth $47)

Your best motivation to plunge into the cruelty-free lifestyle!

  • The trick to turning vegan overnight
  • Mind tricks and techniques
  • Book recommendations
  • Eqipping your kitchen
  • 12 extra delicious creamy recipes to never miss cheese again!


The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution AND The 928 Tastiest Vegan Recipes are digital eBooks available for instant download. You can read them on your computer or your favorite e-reader like Kindle. 


 #EatDelicious + #HelpAnimals -100% of proceedings go for charity.

One-minute dinner ideas? Check!

Unique centerpiece recipes for your special occasions? Check!

Mouthwatering meals even hard-core meat eaters will drool over? Check!

The TASTIEST vegan options of ALL major international cuisines? (Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Eastern, African, etc.) Check Check Check!



When You Get Hold Of This Unique Collection Of 928 Recipes, You'll Be Wondering How You Ever Lived Without It

International Cuisines Gone Vegan

Mexican, African, Chinese, Eastern, German, you name it! A plethora of international textures and tastes, all veganized and adapted to please Western foodies. The easiest, fastest way for you to eat the rainbow - Deliciously! 

Manually Hand-Picked For You

We have hand-picked, tested, and manually typed up each and every one of these recipes! Took us years of hard work and dedication to the vegan cause, but we've still made them as affordable as possible! Being among the first to order guarantees you get this culinary jewel at half price!

 Gourmet Recipes Made Simple

Let me ask you a question... How many times have you thought 'OMG this looks mouthwatering, but I would never have the time/courage/patience to prepare it."? Now you don't have to deal with that feeling! We've simplified gourmet recipes you'll love, so you can feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen!

Wanna Know Even More?

The focus of the Complete Vegan Recipe Solution is on foods which provide the body fuel for creating and maintaining a healthy, nutritionally balanced, active lifestyle.

By focusing on "strong" foods, your body is provided with the needed protein, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, vitamins, mineral, phytochemicals, isoflavones, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants it needs to be energetic (especially energy-enhancing vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6).

Which are the ‘strong’ foods to eat more of vs. ‘weak’ foods that you should avoid?

Download this one-of-a-kind vegan recipe solution and find for yourself!

To promote a healthy, active lifestyle, the emphasis of this cookbook is on cooking with foods that are:

Vegan (i.e., free of all animal products, including free of honey);

Whole and unprocessed (e.g., whole grains such as quinoa and whole-unrefined bean products such as tempeh)

Not refined/processed foods like white rice and white/wheat flour);

Nutritionally dense (high in vitamins and minerals) (e.g., leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, and Brussels sprouts);

Non-glutinous (e.g., grains like quinoa, millet, amaranth, rice).

These foods are life-sustaining, providing the body with essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, and fiber which are important for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Did I mention that EVERY SINGLE recipe in this book contains a mouth-watering photo as well? No more humming and hawing over a recipe to decide if it's worth making or not! Let your eyes decide for you!

Look who's raving about The Complete Vegan Recipe Solution:

The food in this book is amazing. Out-of-this-world good. And big bonus points for the fact that you don’t need a bunch of esoteric ingredients and fancy kitchen gadgets. Book includes both weeknight ideas and more complicated recipes, meant to impress – absolutely amazing stuff!

Busy mum of three

So far the best vegan recipe book I have found. Great and delicious recipes that anyone could enjoy! I’ve been a big meat eater my whole life and these recipes surely satisfy! Free E-course is super educational - I learned a lot of new stuff about veganism and nutrition. Also glad to support the animal rescue cause!

Vegan Adventurer

Book was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and contained so many amazing recipes that even my grandpa enjoyed. The free Vegan Nutrition Course has been extremely helpful as well, and the whole package is worth so much more than its price!

Student, Hiker, Vegan Foodie

For ethical, health, and environmental reasons I decided to go Vegan just over 6 months ago. I bought several cookbooks for perspectives, tips, and recipes. This is one of the most helpful in getting me successfully through the transition from an omnivore foodie to a decent Vegan cook.

University Professor

I’ve been following the web site for about a year, and I was looking forward to this, as I’ve always loved the recipes they pick! They did deliver! Delicious recipes in this cookbook, ranging from traditional dishes with a twist, to more complicated stuff you can use for holidays. Worth the money. Highly recommended!

Environmental Warrior

Love the recipes we’ve tried so far! Very happy we bought this and it helped make the beginning of our Vegan journey easier.


And here's what people had to say about the 928 Tastiest Recipe Collection:

"Awesome collection, and unlike other downloadable products - so clean and easy to browse! I have gone from always stressing over the next meal, to just picking something from this cookbook. Every single meal has been a hit!"

"I was a bit sceptical at first, but I was so excited to see so many amazing recipes in this HUGE collection! Indeed, it covers various world cuisines, and I must say - all of the recipe suggestions are practical, doable, and delicious!"

"This is the cleanest, easiest to use, most practical, and richest vegan cookbook I have so far purchased. Worth every penny! Loads and loads of quick and easy recipes - you can truly diversify your menu with this cookbook. LOVE IT!"

"Speechless! Truly awesome this has become my go-to recipe resource for EVERYTHING! From daily meals to special occasions - I have already picked my Thanskgiving and Christmas centerpieces from it! No more hours lost in internet browsing - this truly has it all. Thank you so much, Dea for putting together this priceless vegan cookbook!"

Regular Price $169  Special Family Comes First  Vegan Promo Pack: $47

Here are some of the benefits of making your own delicious, nutritionally balanced foods from the  recipes in these eBooks.

Save Money

Health food stores and restaurants may sell vegan foods, but they cost a fortune! How about $9 for a serving of lasagna? Instead, for a fraction of the cost, you can make enough of something tastier to last you a week!

Keep Your Spouse, Kids and Friends Happy

Not everyone is enthusiastic about switching to a vegan or plant-based diet. So a great way to convince them to give it a try is to feed them comfort foods that will keep them satisfied.

These recipes are 100% husband and kids approved! Your entire family will love them.

Vegan recipes sound bland?

These recipes have been tested on people who aren't even vegan and they loved them, your family will love them too. 

Are they the same recipes as in other vegan books?

No, all of these recipes are unique creations that are not in any other recipe books or even on free online vegan blogs!

Why is this Collection of Delicious Vegan Recipes Different From All Other Recipe Books?

If you're wondering what make the recipes in this collection different than those you could find in any other recipe book, consider the following:

Plant Based – All of the recipes in this book are plant based and vegan to help you get more variety of vegetables into your diet.

Cook From Scratch Or Take the Easy Way – I teach you how to cook from scratch using whole beans and grains, but you have the option for canned and packaged ones if you're short on time.

Designed with Taste First –  These recipes taste great and also happen to be perfectly nutritionally-balanced to keep you healthy and active!

Mostly Gluten Free – The majority of these recipes are gluten free by nature and the few that have gluten-containing ingredients also include instructions on how to make a gluten-free version.

Each Recipe Tastes Different – Each recipe tastes different unlike a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes that use the exact same ingredients and spices in every dish. 

Beautiful Photo for Each Recipe – Decide what you want to make based on what catches your eye. 

UNIQUE and rich compilation dishes like our Rice-Sweet Potatoes-Collard Torte you will not find anywhere else!

This special pack, mindfully designed to save you time, energy, and most importantly - medical costs, certainly doesn't require a second thought! It's just what your family needs this season! 

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